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Our Team

We are a hard-working, health and productivity management consulting firm based in Colorado, est. 2005.


As healthy business advocates, we are dedicated to the vision of a healthier U.S. workforce - one which will produce a stronger, more viable U.S. economy, and is capable of competing in the burgeoning global economy.


As healthy people advocates, we are passionate and committed to shaping a healthier workforce - one consisting of vital, productive people who thrive at work and whose benefits costs trend downward.


Different from the rest - we have some of the best industry experts and offer unique access to specialist expertise and analytical tools. ​Our solutions are innovative and brave, and based on the science of thriving nine to five (or any combination thereof...).


" 3:1 President, Colleen Broersma is passionate about wellness and the well being of our employees! She has shown her commitment to our employee wellness program (Wharf W.E.L.L.) over and over again with ground breaking ideas and genuine care for our workforce. Productivity and total employee care do go hand in hand and Colleen has taught us that!"

~ Larry Bakke, Training Coordinator


"3:1 provides services to clients that are based on years of vast experience, ongoing research and implementation of the latest information available. Plus, they are dedicated to personal relationships.”

 ~Julie Blair,  Educational Docent


​"3:1 President, Colleen Broersma is one of the most dynamic and creative thinkers I know.”

 ~Matthew Trump,  Sr. Application Developer

"3:1 introduced me to a whole new mindset of fitness and wellness - they helped me become more fit without the risk of pain or injury."

 ~Jason Mantas,  Firefighter


Detailed bios available upon request.

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