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Well At Work: Tools for Thriving 9 to 5

What makes work a positive, meaningful, enlivening and life enriching experience? The answers to this question are important because we spend the bulk of our lives at work.

Fortunately, their is a plethora of research providing answers. We can be happy, healthy and productive (i.e. well) at work, AND the factors that contribute to well workplaces are within the influence of both employees and employers.


Here you'll find a sampling of tools and resources (click any image) to support you on your journey toward creating a healthy and well workplace whether for yourself or your organization. 


When you're ready for a comprehensive solution that will enhance the vitality and productivity of your workforce contact us - we look forward to working with you! In the meantime enjoy the resources. We change them monthly, so check back often. 

Well-being News

From the Gallup Business Journal: Why companies like Best Buy design their office spaces to encourage more employee interactions.

From the Gallup Business Journal: An MIT researcher talks about the usefulness of water cooler chatter.

From the Gallup Business Journal: Executives who think friendships are none of their business may not understand human nature.

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